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Luxury interior designer London. Residential house interior design projects in London are part of Nobili Design portfolio. The best architects and luxury interior designers in London UK.

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Since 2008, Nobili Design has been preoccupied with creating new, beautiful and original interior designs both in London and in other UK cities. In order to provide a technical and functional interior design project in London UK, our professional team of architects and interior designers collaborates with dedication to meet customer wishes to the smallest detail.

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Through professionalism and dedication, we have become one of the largest and renowned interior design studios in London UK, following the experience gained over the years. Interior design specialists and architects can help our clients to fulfil your dreams about the ideals of developing an interior design project for an apartment, restaurant, café, shop, hotel or office.

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Although creating an ideal space that satisfies all requirement is often a challenge, we offer our clients a complex portfolio that provides them a wide range of 3D projects and from which they can choose the desired interior design: classic, modern, Mediterranean, eclectic or Scandinavian. Also, our team of interior designers and architects pays attention to out customer’s desires and believes in originality, creativity and complexity.

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Starting with the creation of interior design project for homes, villas, apartments, restaurants, hotels or offices, London Nobili Design goes along with its clients on a journey of challenges, choices and experiences. The first step we take in selecting a project along with the client is to present our workflow, exemplify the projects in the residential and commercial portfolio, the range of products and the styles we work on, and in this way our client along with the interior designer will decide what choice is the best for him.

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The next step in implementing a 3D interior design project is to ensure that our client's financial terms and capabilities are well-known and respected. Because Nobili Design knows that the interior design project has the most important role and that all those involved in the interior fitting will rely on it, we offer top quality interior design services, with the guarantee that every 3D plan is created with extreme attention to details. Moreover, we know how important it is to set up a dream house, and with the help given by our suppliers, we give our clients the opportunity to buy all the materials included in the interior design projects, directly through our company.

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We, the Nobili Design team, have the mission of fulfilling dreams and desires by making successful interior designs, and this is the main reason why we greet our clients with a wide range of luxury interior materials imported from the largest manufacturers in countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria and France.

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Our interior design company has learned over time to manage their budgets, people and relationships in a pleasant way for all interior design projects completed in London and the UK. We form a team of professionals in architecture and interior design, therefore our success can be admired in hundreds of projects from the commercial and residential portfolios.

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Whether you are in London or other UK cities like Bath, Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton & Hove, Bristol, Cambridge, Canterbury, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Chester, Chichester, Coventry, Derby, Durham, Ely, Exeter, Gloucester, Hereford , Kingston-upon-Hull, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Lichfield, Lincoln, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Peterborough, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Preston, Ripon, Salford, Salisbury, Southampton , St Albans, Stoke on Trent, Sunderland, Truro, Wakefield, Wells, Westminster, Winchester, Wolverhampton, Worcester, York, our company can help you realize your dream and get your home, shop or hotel by designing a personalized interior design.

Seriousness, determination, creativity, imagination and professionalism are the main features of our team of designers and architects, a group of people who design and implement original interior design projects, helping clients in saving time, spending money in a clever way, making decisions.

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Residential Interior design

If you plan to redecorate your entire house in a certain interior design style or if you simply wish to re-compartmentalize an apartment with 3 or 4 rooms in London, you will need the input of specialists that will guide you. London Nobili Design deals with interior design projects for mansions, two-storey houses, apartments as well as restaurants, coffee shops and other commercial properties in London UK.

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Being a leader in the field since 2008, the interior design projects we implement are based on practical and innovative solutions, everything for the comfort and satisfaction of the client. Once the client states his wishes regarding the interior design project, we will begin to elaborate each and every project in 3D format. Each material, each finishing touch and element included in the project are top quality ones.

We collaborate with noteworthy manufactures from the business and each choice will be made under the close watch of the client. If you want a classic and luxurious chandelier or a certain personalized furniture piece, our specialists have the solution at hand to fulfill your needs. Our interior design services in London and UK depend on the client’s vision. With a team of specialists behind each interior design project, the client will receive top recommendations and solutions for redecorating his apartment, mansion or home, whether in London.

The pricing starts at 20 euros per square meter, these normally vary depending on the space of the room, the number of rooms that need to be redecorated and of course de interior design style that has been chosen. Each interior design style requires a team effort, collaborations and the advice of experts. When we are referring to a classic and luxurious decoration style for a mansion, the investment for such a project is more substantial.

The Italian furniture, the craftsmanship of each furniture piece, the selected finishes, quality materials and other decor elements, all make a difference. The strategically placed pieces in each room are essential in order to create the perfect relaxation place, regardless of the fact that we are targeting the bedroom, the living area or the kitchen.

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Playing with the colors and shapes allows the designer to come up with the best solutions regarding the aesthetics and the functionality of the space. If you want an open space type of living or if you want to re-compartmentalize the bedroom or the bathroom, the team of professionals will come up with the best implementation strategies for your ideas.

Each interior design project in London or in another UK city is different and based on the work and complexity of the team of architects and professional interior designers, whether commercial (restaurant, bar, café, hotel, beauty salon) or the customer will receive the best offer in terms of final prices both for the interior design project and for the interior decoration materials.

We respect customers' wishes and respect their requirements and the budget allocated to the interior design project. Because they can rely on professionals in architecture and interior design with an impressive portfolio in London and other UK cities that know how to deal with any challenges that might arise during the project.

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Recent projects

Nobili Design interior design studio has been specializing in interior design for over 16 years, offering services ranging from classic interior design, modern interior design, classic or modern exterior design, home design, suites, beauty salons, offices, restaurants, etc.

Our portfolios have been made both in the country and abroad. Our architects were distinguished by the creation of special projects in cities such as London, Paris, Roma, Milano, Barcelona.

The interior design of the house or any space must emerge warm, safe and comfortable. All these are revealed by architects from London Nobili Design, through the interior design projects made, these being complemented by the steady balanced state, necessary in every space. Our interior design services are made mainly in classic and modern style. Although both styles are great in their specific features, they are antagonistic and divergent. Classic style is refined, elegant, bohemian, and modern style is casual, unique and nonconformist.

Nobili Design specialists are adapting projects to each customer's choice, but each chosen style will necessarily follow the main features that define it. Thus, in terms of classical style, architects will embellish space by inserting design objects, such as decorative elements such as paintings, decorative mirrors, cornices and decorative profiles, will opt for a palette of pale or open colors that will give the bohemian air and a litheness of space, will include classical mobiles, such as upholstered beds, wardrobes decorated with details, or classic sofas and armchairs.

The parquet, the sandstone or tile will be chosen in the same tone as the whole space, finalizing the project in a truly unique classic style. On the other hand, in terms of modern style, designers at Nobili Design will arrange the space while respecting the main requirements of modernism. Thus, materials such as glass, wood, metal or concrete will be found.

Modern, wooden or glass furniture, sofas, armchairs and modern bedroom beds, modern kitchens and modern appliances, a new layered parquet flooring, as well as a modern tile and sandstone. For both styles, Nobili Design specialists recommend the use of Italian furniture, which is remarkable for its unique design and superior quality. Also for the use of parquet or tiles is recommended Italian brand, for the same reasonable reasons, respectively superior quality and durability.

Thus, Nobili Design's interior design projects are appreciated by all of our clients as they prove their involvement in every project, being remarked in clarity, value, refinement, transmitting emotion, comfort, balance, peace and harmony. The services offered by our company are impeccable, irreproachable, unique, ample, distinct, with multiple correlative advantages. Thus, by understanding and communicating, we understand the needs and preferences of our clients, we suggest the styles that we consider appropriate for the style of each client, meaning that we personalize each project according to the taste and choice of each of them.

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Nobili Design comes with ingenious designs and approaches when it comes to design and interior design in London UK. Whether the customer is interested in a home or restaurant redevelopment or wants a new and unique look for a hotel or a café in London, we offer the solutions and strategies to implement the interior design project. We have been designing interior design projects for residential and commercial spaces in London since 2010 and over the years we have had various challenges.

When it comes to taking over an architectural or interior design project, it is important for us to establish a relationship with the client in order to be able to communicate openly during the implementation of the interior design project for the classic house or commercial space in London. London Nobili Design has left its mark on interior design projects for restaurants in classical style, Mediterranean, medical clinic, Offices, salons beauty across the country in cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, etc.

Applying to such specialists, you will be able to rely on true professionals with unlimited resources for ideas and suggestions in interior design and interior design, exterior in London. We can implement any style of interior design for brand stores in London, the shopping mall, like the contemporary, classic, luxury, baroque, mediterranean, eclectic and more.

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The personalized notes of every style of interior design for traditional family style residences in London are the ones that make the difference and turn a simple building into a warm and welcoming home. We appreciate the aesthetic aspect but we pay great attention also to the functional part of each element or finish implemented in this architectural design of interior or exterior design for the projects in London.

Before deciding any detail about such an interior design in London, the team of architects from Nobili Design will have a discussion with the customer to make a vision of his needs and priorities. Later, architects and designers will conceive and present a technical 3D interior design map to help the client visualize the changes that will take place in London's home or commercial space.

Thanks to the quality materials, the latest technology used, the original solutions implemented and more than 150 interior design projects active in London, Nobili Design is the solution you are looking for.

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