The living room, or living room, is the space in the apartment or house where we spend a lot of time. We carry out daily family activities here, to watch TV, to relax and spend free time. In principle, we have the space for fun and socializing, where we spend time with family or friends, and the space for study. If the same room is used as a living room, then the two areas will be delimited either by using different materials for the floor, or by certain architectural elements, or by color accents or furniture.

Decorating ideas with Italian living room furniture

The living room furniture therefore fulfills several functions, and generally consists of: a sofa and two armchairs, a coffee table, TV stand, possibly a computer desk and office chair, as well as a library. small or large.

Being a relaxing space, when choosing living room furniture we must take into account some basic principles, namely: the furniture has simple lines, developed mainly horizontally, without massive cabinets, which take up a lot of space and, in addition, reduce living room volume. To gain space, some ideas would be to use built-in cabinets, with sliding or folding doors, to create an impression of space and comfort. Interior designers say that living room furniture should not occupy more than 30% of the entire surface of the room.

4 Models of Modern Living Room Sofas

The model of the sofa for the living room depends a lot on the design of the room. In arranging an apartment living room we choose a sofa with simple lines, possibly a sofa bed. For a large living room, in a villa or house we can afford a large and sturdy sofa. In both cases, the seats must be in tune with this and the rest of the interior design.

The coffee table is extremely useful not only for serving coffee, but also for the remote control, magazines or newspapers we read here. Models with drawers are even more efficient. Wooden or metal coffee tables in combination with glass are now fashionable.

The TV cabinet is necessary as a support for the TV, but also for the entire electronic equipment: DVD-player, video, and can be provided with several shelves or drawers for storing CDs or DVDs. Another idea for arranging this area is to place the suspended TV, directly on the wall, and in this case, we can make to order a few suspended shelves around it. The space effect is even more accentuated.

Discover Elegant Living Room Furniture

If we want to arrange a study space in the living room, then we must find space for a computer desk, located near the library. The version with the built-in desk in the library shelves is very good to save space. We can also choose a library with cabinets at the bottom and doors on the top without doors. The built-in library is another idea of ​​saving space in the living room.

One of the major problems in interior design is the efficient and at the same time aesthetic arrangement of the living space. That is why the choice of living room furniture is such an important factor in home design.

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August 29th, 2022