You've decided to furnish your home, and you don't quite know what style to choose. They are all beautiful and make you daydream, but if you want something really special, we have a suggestion for you: the Italian style, or Tuscan as it is also called.

A special look for your home!

If you've ever vacationed in Italy, you pretty much know what we're talking about when we talk about Italian-style furniture. And, no doubt you have been conquered by this particular style. Regardless of the piece of furniture that makes up this style, you get a special look that you don't know how to describe in words, but it seems to speak to your soul.

Pure romance with Italian style furniture

If you are the romantic type, then your home will definitely be perfect if you choose Italian style furniture. And if you want authentic, high-quality pieces, you don't need to order from Italy to see your dream with your own eyes. Now, with Nobili Design, you can bring a piece of Italy right to your home.

Whether you choose the classic notes, or the romantic ones, with handmade reliefs and finishes, everything will be perfect for your bedroom. Do you want a living room that is "wow"? It's perfect, and the harmony of the shapes of the pieces of furniture, to which is added the attention to details for an authentic style, needs no introduction.

Simple or lavish?

Do you prefer simple or lavish? No problem, everything can be solved with the help of furniture pieces from Nobili Design. Iron and wood go together perfectly, and the details are provided by the special finishes. The colors used are warm, but also some that remind of the earth. Muted Gold, Burnt Sienna, Bronze, Brown, even Black, all are in harmony.

Modern or traditional

When you say Italian style furniture, then you already know that you can't just talk about modern or traditional. The Italian style requires a "collaboration", a perfect symbiosis between the two, and the result obtained is truly special. In addition, everything is in a chromatic harmony as you might not have expected.

There is no doubt that the Italian style is not easy to achieve, but with the help of Nobili Design, you no longer have to worry about where you will buy the pieces of furniture that will compose your perfect room. They're all here, they're authentic, and they're waiting for you to discover them.

Don't forget the accessories

However, a home furnished with Italian-style furniture is not complete if you do not take into account the accessories, which really make the difference. The coffered ceiling must not be missing, the "throw" carpets just to provide extra comfort, the special frames of the mirrors or paintings, something more golden: in tapestries or decorative items. If possible, complement the special air of the home with Murano crystal chandeliers and/or crystal or glass objects.

Metallic accents

Some wrought iron objects, or some metallic accents can do real wonders. You can give a bit of traditional Italian style with some metal lamps and wall grilles. All your acquaintances will be impressed by what you managed to do, and they will have a hard time believing how simple it all was.

Ceramics offer an extra touch of style

Because it is about a room or a home that brings Italy closer to you, you must not forget about ceramics or terracotta. When you have in mind the Italian style, ceramic is even mandatory, because it is found in traditional Mediterranean houses. You can use it in your home through as many dishes as possible, which you can find many uses for. And the ending, yes... the ending will be grandiose!

August 5th, 2022