The interior design project for a classic house in London meets our clients view with a harmonious blend between elegant, refined and modern. The reinterpretation of this pretentious style, with the help of modern elements, has transformed this interior design project into a place we can call "home".

This classic-style project emphasizes a team of talented designers and architects who, through professionalism and dedication, managed to add another successful 3D plan to the residential portfolio. For this classic style house in London, all the aspects of this classicism have been highlighted, because the house offers large, very luminous spaces that amaze with luxury and elegance. We can still see the palette of shades specific to this style, an elegant combination of white, grey, cream and beige, which add to the elegance of this project.

The living room is dominated by the classic white furniture and the accents are found in decorative pieces such as black pillows and coffee table. Furniture brand Francesco Passi Italia, the ornamental chandelier from Ideal Lux Italia and the Gazzoti Italy laminated parquet have made this open-space room the perfect place to spend time with family and friends. Within the framework created by the pale shades, the appearance of the carpet offers this room a beautiful, colorful accent.

In the main hall of the house, we observe several modern aspects that harmoniously blend with the classic style. Having large dimensions, the hallway places the living room in the center of the house and connects it with the other rooms. The area dedicated to studying maintains the same image created in the rooms before, and its position in a corner of the house, offers a special intimacy to the place, despite the fact that it is heavily natural lighted and positioned in open-space.

The open shades we encounter in every room of this project are beautifully outlined by the accents offered by the existence of grey drapes. We also notice the presence of a modern-inspired decoration object, the wall with decorative muscles, which adds an extra touch of color and nature to this classic, finely detailed creation.

Moving forward to the kitchen, we observe the same shades used before and the classic style can be seen in the furniture and decorative details. The cream-colored sandstone, white gold-colored furniture, the classic-style chandelier, and modern kitchen pieces’, perfectly blend into a mix of classic shades, forming a space where cooking becomes a pleasure. The accent of the wenge color pad complements the palette of pale shades and offers a touch of elegance and refinement.

Heading to the intimate part of the classic-style house, we get a pleasant visual picture of a relaxing room. The bedroom offers a lush air and we can observe this by looking at the predominantly Italian style furniture, or the Capri classic luxury bed.  The shades of cream and beige predominate in this room, and the classical chandelier-style with golden color inserts, adds the touch of elegance necessary and indispensable to this style. The layered parquet, the curtains in the same cream tone and the Italian style classic bedroom furniture, are the main factors determining the perfect ambiance for physical and visual relaxation.

In this project, the bathroom has kept the same stylish pattern, so it has been chosen to use a bathtub to the detriment of the shower cabin. The beige tile, white bathroom pieces of furnish, spreads elegance and keeps the classic style alive in this room. In order to create a perfect oasis for personal activities, our designers chose to keep the warm creamy shades to which they added golden-colored inserts and chose the using of a bathtub dressed in the same floor tiles.

This classic home interior design project in London handles every requirement of our eager customers who are willing to create a personalized and original home. The Nobili Interior Design team is at your disposal with hundreds of residential projects that can fulfill your desires and can help you make the best choices in terms of interior design. Classic style is still one of the most demanding and luxurious styles in interior design, but the professionalism and dedication of our designers turn any type of 3D project into a dream come true. 

Interior Design for Classic House in London 

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August 29th, 2022