Interior Design for Classic House in Cambridge

Nobili Design greets its clients with a classic interior design project for a house in Cambridge. Being one of the most important aspects when thinking about a long-awaited home, interior design needs to satisfy and meet all of our customer's needs. Thus, we, Nobili's team of professionals, respect all our customer’s needs.

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For this interior design project, the old-fashion style has been highlighted by the usage of numerous elegant and refined features that have been able to meet the demands of our customers.

The living room looks like an illuminated room with light colors and natural light provided by large windows. We choose to use Italian-style white furniture that has been perfectly incorporated into the décor, along with blue-colored marine accents found in sofas, drapes and decorative cushions. Lightweight layered parquet flooring, window frames in the same tone, Ideal Lux luminaires, and creamy walls have been able to draw a classical picture for a relaxing afternoon.

The dining area is an open-space room that maintains the elegance and refinement of this project. The white furniture and the chairs that surround the large table provide a lush air, the image given by the upholstery that features golden decorative bumps. Gold accents are also found in decorative objects on the table and in the luminaires.

The access to the intimate part of the house and the other rooms are provided by a large hallway, contoured by a palette of light brown, cream and dark brown found in the floor, walls and doors. These features envelop the house with a vintage character that impresses both chromatically and visually as well as in terms of refinement.

Another relaxation area is located on the large hallway and is outlined by the presence of two beige-colored pieces of furniture, dressed in the elegant gold that has highlighted the luxury of this interior design project. Easily accessible and very subtly positioned, the two classical armchairs urge us to take a break from the daily stress alongside a cup of tea.

The lush appearance of this project was carefully highlighted by our designers and architects in every room, and through creativity and dedication, we managed to create an original and personalized space. The living room next to the dining area and the continuation of these rooms through a large hallway gave this project a compact, well-defined appearance that can satisfy every requirement of our clients. In this sense, owners who are looking to offer their home a sleek and refined design, yet impressive and stylish, most often choose this classic style. 

The Nobili team greets its clients with a complex, technical and functional residential portfolio in order to satisfy every last requirement of the owners. This project has added value to our portfolio and certainly fulfills the requirements of the classical style approached nowadays. The symmetry, color, materials, textures and unitary balance of this project are undeniable, thanks to the team of skilled designers and architects who have preserved the classical and elegant line of this pretentious style.

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August 29th, 2022