The classic style will always bring a touch of elegance and refinement to an interior. The Classic Interior Design for this house in Suffolk is rich in details and impresses with its decorations, textures, materials, and accessories. Here we meet a restricted yet precious color palette where we can remember the shade of gold that brings this style to life.

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By choosing the style that will bring our homes to life, it is important to accentuate the following aspects: price, furniture, colors, materials and, of course, the team that brings our plan to a conclusion. The classic usually mandates the use of massive wooden furniture, natural materials, neutral colors along with sumptuous and elegant decorations. Our designers and sketch artists are fully aware of these precious aspects specific to the classic style and were able to personalize and animate the projects each time.

For this particular project in Suffolk, our designers have managed to harmoniously combine the rigid details of the classic style with the modern equipment, creating the perfect space for relaxation. The entrance to the house is very welcoming and is made through the means of a large hallway that helps create an open-space chamber in which we find the living room. For the living room, our designers have chosen colors of beige, cream and white that prevail in every room, highlighting them with the help of a green accent which can be easily found in curtains and in the decorative pillows. The classic white wood furniture, the layered parquet floor Kahrs made out of wood suitable for underfloor heating, along with the classic style chandeliers Italia, helped transform this living room into a space designed for recreation, with an elegant and welcoming atmosphere.

The Kitchen is situated in an open space, close to the dining room, and impresses with the details brought by the vintage themed furniture and its black and white contrast. We notice the presence of gold and silver colors in details such as handles and decorative objects, accents that grant elegance to this classic style picture. The black countertop complements the chromatic nature created by the insertion of warm shades such as beige and cream.

The dining room comes to the completion of the kitchen area and brings a splash of color to this space by using the color green in couches and curtains, along with the white of the furniture combined with the gorgeous cream color of the porcelain tiles with travertine aspect. The strong contrast between the two colors bring an intense visual impact and evoke intimacy and elegance. Here we also notice the unfailing golden chandelier which joins the curtain rails with decorative profiles of the same color. Thus, we are shown a harmonious ensemble of adjacent rooms, comprised of the kitchen and dining area, that manage to impress chromatically and visually and also from the perspective of refinement.

The transition to the house’s more intimate space, meaning the bedrooms, is made by using an interior ladder which, through a stunningly beautiful combination of colors, has managed to successfully blend in the unitary style of the house. Details of a darken color together with those of a golden one have given a bohemian vibe to this home and ennobles the general aspect.

The two bedrooms follow the same pattern and aid the chromatic completion created in the surrounding rooms, giving an increase in intimacy and refinement. The white furniture defined by fine classic details, together with the golden chandelier and beige curtains form a scenery designated for relaxation. There is a color splash with an aquatic theme that raises the elegance and dynamism.

Using the same chromatic tones, we make the transition towards the generous bathrooms which offer the necessary space for the perfect mornings. The combination of warm shades help induce a state of relaxation and greets the customer with a tent of intimacy while maintaining the luxurious aspect.

For the first bathroom, we opted for the use of a white bathtub in favor of a shower cabin, in order to keep the classic line we find in the other rooms, and the furniture along with white sanitary pieces complete themselves with the use of beige colored Italgraniti wall tiles. For the second bathroom, we preferred using a shower cabin, bordered from the rest of the room using transparent glass. The golden details present in the mirror frame and in the chandelier create an intimate and elegant ambiance.

This project has highlighted the traits belonging to the classic style and has brought forward the small details carefully used for satisfying even the most rigorous requirements. We opted for elegance and this particular characteristic is depicted in each chamber. Classic interior design, even though rigid at the origin, can be combined with modern decorative pieces, which leads to the creation of an original and personalized ambiance.

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August 29th, 2022