In the world of Interior Design, The Classic Style is always the right option, which overflows with elegance and will never go out of style. For this project in London, regardless of the space, we are working with, our talented designers have always demonstrated the fact that the classic style is able to adapt to any type of environment, satisfying even the most rigorous requests.

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This being said, owners looking to offer a simple yet imposing and stylish design to their homes are usually inclined to choose this style. In this project, the space utilized is quite generous, an aspect which gave us the opportunity to develop ideas of furnishing the furniture along with combinations of warm and neutral shades, so that we can create the ideal home for our client.

Despite the fact that the classic style presents itself as a rigid or even somber style, modern aspects are used to sweeten the harshness of the original style and are able to bring the perfect splice between simple, elegant and lush. In the styles chosen for interior decorations made by our company, one can observe the attention to detail and especially the attention to the client’s needs, so that the whole project can reflect the owner’s tastes and make their mark. As we’ve become accustomed, in the classic style prevail the warm and neutral shades, usually fine combinations between white, beige, cream, gold, which put together with the dark colors used in the furniture or displayed among small details, offer the place an intimate, comfortable yet imposing aspect.

In order to decorate the Dining Room, an open-space chamber, our artists along with our designers and clients have chosen to use classic white wood furniture, which conveys a stylish, elegant and refined aspect. The Dining Room is carefully decorated with insertions of gold that we can find both in the wallpaper bounded by white pilasters, the decorative pieces and in the indelible chandeliers and light fixtures made in the classic Italian style. A splash of turquoise can be seen in the tapestry of the chairs positioned in the Dining Room and it manages to create a space with intimate highlights, a place where the client can enjoy a meal along with friends and family.

In the Living Room, cream-colored couches with insertions of gold, along with the accents of black and turquoise of the curtains, decorative pieces, and the coffee table, create the perfect place for a relaxing afternoon in the family.

The kitchen is subtly delimited from the living room and the dining area using two white wood separators, which in contrast with the accents of black manage to create a tone of elegance. The perfect combination between the modern kitchen and classic furniture masks the discreet insertion of new elements to this design and does not disturb the balance of the fine lines specific to the classic style. The access to the Bedrooms, Bathrooms and the Office is made using the same picture, with gorgeous floors of Porcelain Tiles Mirage Jewels, contoured by the warm shades we’ve become accustomed to.

The doors of white wood manage to create a beautiful passage from the large hallway toward the intimacy of the bedrooms. Despite the fact that the Dining and Living Room offer plenty of brightness, the Office finds itself in a more sober chamber, decorated using classic furniture made of a darker wood shade which goes along with the curtains, the previously mentioned bright colors now becoming accents. The perpetual golden chandelier brings yet again the luxuriant aspect in the foreground, this time combined with the layered parquet floor Kahrs made out of wood suitable for underfloor heating, along with the massive furniture, manage to create an intimate atmosphere in which our client can carry out his business.

Making the switch to the first bedroom, we can see the return of the prevailing shades of cream, beige and gold, and we delight ourselves in a bright yet elegant and intimate atmosphere. The presence of the warm colored wallpaper, the pilasters combined with the white wood furniture along with decorative details from the same color palette, convey a chamber specially created for relaxation.

The second bedroom brings the same color palette comprised of warm shades with the help of the dark blue found in the curtains, carpet, and the decorative details. Here prevails the white furniture, cream wallpaper, and the relaxing atmosphere created benefits from a note of elegance brought by the massive golden chandelier.

To help create an even bigger space dedicated to the bedrooms, our client has chosen to bring a separate dressing in which the access is made through the hallway. This dressing enveloped in white wood furniture comes to the completion of the general aspect of the house. The multiple shelves and drawers come to the client’s aid and allow the storage of the personal belongings in generous space. The layered parquet floor is being preserved, in order to keep the format of the other open-space rooms.

The Bathrooms are generous and offer the necessary space to enjoy a perfect morning. The usage of a bathtub along with a shower in the same room conveys the generosity of the space but also the practical thinking that comes to the aid of our client when the time is of the essence. The bathroom wall and floor tiles Italgraniti fit perfectly with the white furniture with golden details and merge beautifully with the transparent glass that separates the shower cabin. A splash of color is brought by the shower curtain that has a shade of burgundy, which offers elegance to this space dedicated to personal activities.

The second bathroom is of reduced dimensions when it is compared to the previous one, but isn’t missing the refinement and elegance. The shower cabin is bounded from the rest of the room by a transparent glass, white furniture, and the wallpaper with blue insertions along with the floor transform this room into an oasis meant for visual and physical relaxation. The dark blue shower curtain along with the fine details of the furniture come to the completion of the general aspect, submerged in warm shades.

Even though the classic style often leads us to a rigid and sober look, modern elements have come to aid us by offering a minimalist look, but still as elegant as the original classic style In a total perspective, it is easy to see how this project respected our customer’s demands by creating the perfect space for a family. The classic style, elegantly yet subtly combined with modern elements, has made this project to be one of great success, able to satisfy every customer’s request. 

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August 29th, 2022