Luxury concept for classic style house in London

This classic interior design project for a house in London was built for an upstairs house in London and it is based on three major elements: equilibrium, symmetry, and order. Even though it is a conservative style, this project gives out elegance and luxury down to the finest detail. During this project, our designers and architects have had the opportunity to highlight all of the aspects belonging to the classic style, owing to the fact that the arrangement offers large spaces with great illumination which never cease to amaze when it comes to luxury and elegance.

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A sight that truly impresses is represented by the enormous wall divided by three rows of windows, which rise from the living room all the way to the hallway which leads toward the upstairs bedrooms.

The living room represents a good starting point for noticing the fineness of the classic style, starting with the combination of warm shades such as beige and cream, together with the white furniture and accents of burgundy and black. The sofas and armchairs are located in the center of the living room, next to the dining area and the large staircase; a place which offers an open-space chamber designed for relaxation. The black colored piano provides an additional note of elegance and it represents the perfect accessory for a house designed in this style.

Luxury concept for classic style house in London

Making the transition toward the dining room, we don’t abandon the picture established in the previous chamber, more so we observe a continuity of this image. Here the accent falls on the chairs’ black tapestry and the burgundy curtains, and the contrast between these and the white furniture speak a language of subtleness and refinement, creating the perfect ambiance to serve dinner.

For the kitchen we’ve chosen white colored furniture, with golden fine details which can be seen in the wardrobe handles, blending in harmoniously with the chandelier. The vintage and bohemian ambiance gave by the massive white wood furniture, along with the white pilasters, represent the quintessence of this impressive style. By being timeless, this style can adapt to any environment, as it can be seen in the fine introduction of modern elements into the classic landscape created.

Keeping the elegance of past decades, we focus our attention toward the large staircase, helping us transition to the rooms situated upstairs. The ceiling is depicted using a circular shape, from which a golden chandelier gently slides down, giving out the feeling of stairs that lift up to the vault of heaven. As an added bonus in luxury, our designers opted for the use of khaki-colored wrought iron railings, with golden insertions, which create a beautiful contrast with the floor, walls and the burgundy accent of the curtains. The white wood doors make a subtle and elegant transition toward the intimacy of the bedrooms and the decorative details found in the hallway manage to pleasantly capture the image as a whole. The sophisticated atmosphere is kept during our visit in these chambers, along with classic notes contained in the previous rooms.

The children’s bedroom is marked by joyfulness by the use of accents of green and purple, which can be found in the beds’ headboards and blankets. The headboards give a special nobility and elegance due to the velvety tapestry and decorative bumps. Tones of cream, along with the golden details of the lightning fittings, have contributed to the set up of a bright and aesthetic room.

The first bedroom has a matrimonial look where we find ourselves in an intimate and elegant space. Here the accents become full tones, predominating with the color wenge, which can be found in the bedside tables, bed legs, decorative pillows, and curtains. Here we are greeted again with shades of gold in the mirror frame, in the legs of the decorative lamps, but also in the edge of the headboards. The splash of white found in this room becomes the factor that offers luminosity and aids the blend between the color wenge and the shades of beige and cream.

The second master bedroom is a well-lit room, where the mix of beige, cream and white are masterfully used once again. The white furniture decorated with golden handles offer elegance, together with accents of purple and dark brown which can be found in the chair tapestry along with decorative cushions and pillows provide an original look to this bedroom.

We focus our attention on the bathrooms while keeping the same elegant pattern. For the first bathroom, we opted for the use of a shower cabin framed in transparent glass, next to the white sanitary details with silver details. Bathroom number two benefits from both the shower cabin and a bathtub. Beige floor and wall tiles, along with the furniture and white sanitary objects, have created a relaxing ambiance dedicated to personal activities.

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This project has added value to our portfolio and it certainly satisfies the requirements of today’s classic style. The symmetry, chromatics, materials, textures and the unitary balance have been highlighted thanks to our team of talented designers and architects, who have preserved the classic and elegant line of this pretentious style.

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August 29th, 2022